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Surcharges for Exceptional Activities

DHL Express is committed to providing customers with the best delivery service, which is why we are continuing to offer coverage to more parts of the world than any other company.
In order to maintain a consistently high level of service, DHL Express levies under given conditions a surcharge for exceptional activities. DHL Express regularly evaluates the level of these surcharges to reflect the changing costs associated with offering exceptional activities, and we strive to ensure these surcharges remain fair for our customers.
The following surcharges are payable on international shipments:

Description Surcharge (RSD)
Remote Area Delivery Minimum 2,460.00 RSD or 50.00 RSD/kg
Remote Area Pickup Minimum 2,460.00 RSD or 50.00 RSD/kg
Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities 615.00 RSD
Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities 2,460.00 RSD
Full Dangerous Goods 9,840.00 RSD
Dry Ice (UN1845) 1,230.00 RSD
Lithium Batteries Section II (PI966, PI969) 615.00 RSD
Lithium Batteries Section II (PI967, PI970) No charge
Lithium Batteries Section I, II (PI965) 9,840.00 RSD
Biological Substances (UN3373) No charge
Over Weight Piece 4,920.00 RSD
Over Sized Piece 4,920.00 RSD
Non-Stackable Pallet 9,840.00 RSD
Address Correction 1,230.00 RSD
Elevated Risk 2,460.00 RSD
Restricted Destination 3,690.00 RSD
The following surcharges are payable on domestic shipments, when different to those above:

Description Surcharge (RSD)
Over Weight Piece 2,460.00 RSD
Over Sized Piece 2,460.00 RSD
Non-Stackable Pallet 4,920.00 RSD
Address Correction 615.00 RSD

Should you have any questions on surcharges please contact usContact Us.